Late Life Relationships


A Class Reunion

When the notice comes in the mail, not all people are happy that it is time once again to face their former school mates. They could see their life as less than admirable, and those who are single could feel they will be overwhelmed with meeting the happy spouses of those they have known since childhood. It can be a difficult decision to attend, but the class reunion is often a time when life can be filled with pleasant surprises.

Few people today feel the social pressure more than singles, so showing up without a spouse or a date can be difficult at any event. Those attending a school reunion might feel they will appear to be a failure, yet they could find several former childhood friends are in the same situation. It is normal today for people to lose track of childhood buddies, so it could come as a surprise that being single is not an exclusive condition.

Talking over old times is all part of what goes on at a reunion, yet the goal is to find out what everyone is doing now. Going through the years at a fast pace, it can almost be mind-boggling to get caught up with others. One good thing can be running into old flames who are still single too, or meeting a friend of a friend who is single. Some people immediately know of someone it would be good for a single classmate to meet soon, and it could be the date of a lifetime.

Class reunions are often a time when people reassess their lives, but showing up without a spouse or long term partner is not the end of the world. Catching up with old friends can be a good time, and they might even know someone perfect for their single friend of long ago.