Late Life Relationships


Finally Finding the Right One

Many people who stay single long after friends have married are often ambitious, but they are not necessarily lonely. Their career might be more important...


Merging Two Families After Marriage

Many people marry while they are still young, and an important part of building their life together includes having children. They raise them as a...


Rejecting the Wrong Partner

Marriage or a long term relationship is very important to many people, and some of them are willing to be with the wrong partner rather...


Waiting Years for a Partner

Long separations are rare in the modern world, and this is due to the availability to easy travel. People used to move to foreign countries...


A Class Reunion

When the notice comes in the mail, not all people are happy that it is time once again to face their former school mates. They...


Not Interested in a Relationship

There are times when people have gotten out of a bad relationship, and they find the thought of a new one revolting. They are seen...


Rivalry between Stepchildren

There are occasionally times when it is difficult to manage a blended family, and mature adults who have made a commitment to each other find...


Finding Each Other Again

Lack of approval by family and friends have often separated couples who come from different social or economic classes. These people fell in love, but...


Love during an Absence

There are many ways a couple can be separated, and the time apart may last for years. War has recently kept couples from being together,...

There are people who remain unattached through life because they have never found the right person for them. This is a sad occurrence for many people to see, but they must understand no match is better than a bad one. The person who is not willing to settle for just anyone knows who they want, and they are willing to wait as long as it takes to find them. They are willing to do this even if they know the search might last a lifetime.

The events of life often separate people, and this can interfere with forming a good long term relationship. People begin dating when they are young, but life may take away the person they planned to be with forever. War might have caused the death of their loved one, or an accident might have stranded them far away from each other. Some people will move on and find someone else, but others will wait a lifetime to be with the one they truly love.