Late Life Relationships


Finally Finding the Right One

Many people who stay single long after friends have married are often ambitious, but they are not necessarily lonely. Their career might be more important than finding the right one for them, and they could even consider it a waste of time to hunt for a partner in life. Their time is precious, and it is dedicated to moving forward in their chosen direction. They often see a partner as someone who will drag on their ambitions like an anchor on a boat.

Ambitious people who are still single do not necessarily live completely alone, and dating is part of their lifestyle. They are not serious about settling down, and they might inform potential dates of this right from the start. It does not mean they will never consider a long term relationship, and they sometimes find a person who sweeps them off their feet. It surprises their family and friends, and it is often astounding to them.

When a person has finally found the right one for them, it is like a breath of fresh air is constantly part of their life. The feeling of being tied down, dragged on or stymied suddenly goes away when they are with this person. They feel energized and free all at once, and their life becomes enhanced. This is how they know they have found the person who is perfect for them.

Commitment is an important part of remaining in a long term relationship, and even an ambitious person can see it. While they might not believe marriage is best for them or their partner, a personal commitment that is not legally binding before friends and family can seal the deal. It acknowledges their love, affection and future with their partner, and it gives both of them an opportunity to celebrate their love for each other.