Late Life Relationships


Not Interested in a Relationship

There are times when people have gotten out of a bad relationship, and they find the thought of a new one revolting. They are seen as being in recovery from the relationship, but their loved ones seem to believe they only need a little time to get over it. There are some people that find they actually prefer being single, and they are not interested in a relationship now or in the future. It could appear they have simply chosen isolation for some reason, but it could also mean they are quite happy with the life they are leading.

Few people really want to spend their entire life without a partner, but they have to be ready to meet someone before it can work. Even if the perfect person for them comes along, the relationship will likely be a failure if one of them is not really interested. There are times when this can be overcome, but it will take a great deal of patience to wear the resistant single down.

Meeting someone friends or relatives have chosen is often more of a burden than a joy for those who would rather spend some time being single, but they often feel pressured to go on at least one date. They might find they are enjoying their time with this person, but they could also make it clear a relationship is not something they are pursuing at this time. The two could become great friends, and they could eventually have a romantic relationship.

Pushing single people to find someone is not really productive, and loved ones should realize they need to make their own decisions. Foisting friends or other relatives on them for dates can become an issue, and even those who are ready to begin dating again could find the process so onerous they would rather stay single.