Late Life Relationships


Love during an Absence

There are many ways a couple can be separated, and the time apart may last for years. War has recently kept couples from being together, and some of them have waited a long time to be with each other again. A person often forms a new life while their partner is gone, but this does not mean they love the person any less. Being with friends and family is a way to show their love because they continue the life both of them planned. Staying home without any social contacts is simply a way to show duty, but it does not enhance the relationship.

Loving and caring about someone who is away may not be easy, and enjoying an active social life can cause feelings of guilt. The partner who remains home has a duty to continue living their life, and this means they must live a good life. Being faithful and caring are what matters to the person who is away from home, and they would rather know their partner is enjoying life instead of closing off all social connections until they return.