Late Life Relationships


Merging Two Families After Marriage

Many people marry while they are still young, and an important part of building their life together includes having children. They raise them as a family, but it does not ensure the couple will remain happy with each other. Divorce is hard on the couple as well as their children, but it is survivable. Finding love again and making a commitment might seem impossible, so finding someone else is a dream. It often turns out the other person has their own children.

When two people get married or commit to a long term relationship, their friends and family are expected to be part of the package. Children are not necessarily given a say in the relationship, but their position as a child of one partner should be secure. They need to feel welcome at home, and the other partner must recognize it is their home. Blending two families with this one ideal in mind can cause issues, but they will work out if everyone in the family is willing to do their best to make it work.

Children of divorced couples often experience anxiety when new partners are introduced, and it is the same feeling many new partners have when meeting their partner’s children. Each person wonders how the other feels about their relationship to the parent or significant other, and they are concerned they might be left out. It is not always easy to find a way to set both of them at ease, but being prepared for their issues is one way to begin sorting it all out.

Blending two families is becoming a normal part of life, and it is easier when the children are grown and out of the house. This does not mean couples should wait until their children are old enough to be on their own, but they should be aware of how the children will react. Discussing it ahead of time will give each of them a chance to make the situation work for everyone.